News Letter 5848-001 Chodesh Ha-Aviv, Happy New Moon Day of the Month of Aviv, And Happy New Year; Rosh Hashannah

News Letter 5848-002 Which Day is the Passover Meal on? Understanding the Chronology.

News Letter 5848-003 Ben Ha Arbayim or Between the Evenings-When is it?

News Letter 5848-004 Did Yehshua Eat Leaven Bread of Unleavened Bread on the Night He was betrayed?

News Letter 5848-005 The Wave Sheaf

News Letter 5848-006 Why is the 7th Day of Unleavened Bread Holy? What does this mean?

News Letter 5848-007 The Debt Bomb & Pension cut backs or Help Build a Farm in Israel

News Letter 5848-008 The 17th Day of Counting the Omer and the Jubilee cycle

News Letter 5848-009 He Prepares a Place for You & Why Germany is interested in Syria

News Letter 5848-010 Learning Hebrew in the Land of Israel & Returning to Eden

News Letter 5848-011 Why do we keep Pentecost, or Shavuot?

News Letter 5848-012 10789 The Serpent Was More Subtle or Pentecostalism Orgasm

News Letter 5848-013 The Covenant and A Federalist Europe under Germany & the book of Jude

News Letter 5848-014 Does Your Spirit Lust After the Flesh or Does it Seek Yehovah’s Holy Spirit?

News Letter 5848-015 Blessings and Cursings come From the Tongue

News Letter 5848-016 George Washington’s Prophetic Vision

News Letter 5848-017 Israel Farm Update & The First Commandment in the Original Wording

News Letter 5848-018 The Second Commandment

News Letter 5848-019 The Darkness of Abraham’s Sleep

News Letter 5848-020 An Enema in a Size 12 Steel Toe Boot!

News Letter 5848-021 Remember-Engrave It In Your Hand-Treasure it above all else

News Letter 5848-022 Pastors and Priests; Are you ready to break the drought curse

News Letter 5848-023 Boaz’s Vineyard, will now be a Reality

News Letter 5848-024 Honour and Respect-The 5th Commandment

News Letter 5848-025 Preparing the Furnace- Are you ready for the trials-Forgiving of Debt- Or Not

News Letter 5848-026 The Meaning of The Feast of Trumpets & Daniel’s Prophecy in Our 3 1/2 year Torah Study

News Letter 5848-027 Feast of Trumpets and 10 Days of Awe

News Letter 5848-028 The End of the Ten Days of Awe. The Day of Atonement

News Letter 5848-029 Computer Crash

News Letter 5848-030 New Moon of the Seventh Month Spotted. Shout it Out.

News Letter 5848-031 EU President- Shuva & Atonement - Song of Solomon

News Letter 5848-032 The Farm Report From The Land of Israel

News Letter 5848-033 Our Week On the Farm Before Sukkot

News Letter 5848-034 How to Keep the Sabbath Holy and Why the Preparation Day

News Letter 5848-035 The Sixth Commandment, More than Meets the eye

News Letter 5848-036 You Have Murdered Your Brother Because you did nothing to help Him

News Letter 5848-037 Prophecy is Happening right now on the world scene

News Letter 5848-038 The Seventh Commandment

News Letter 5848-039 The Festival of Lights; Do we have to Deal with this again?

News Letter 5848-040 You Worship Molech by setting up your Tree or Chanukah Bush

News Letter 5848-041 The Forgiveness & Redemptive Power of Yehovah

News Letter 5848-042 Part 3 of the Seventh Commandment

News Letter 5848-043 About the End of the World

News Letter 5848-044 Joseph of Arimathea

News Letter 5848-045 Where did the Apostles Go? & Part 2

News Letter 5846-046 The Eighth Commandment

News Letter 5846-047 The Widow and the Orphan

News Letter 5846-048 The Ninth Commandment

News Letter 5848-049 Are You Ready for Cannibalism? It is allowed in Sharia Law!

News Letter 5848-050The Tenth Commandment Turbulent Waters

News Letter 5848-051When is Passover? The 13th or 14th or 15th

News Letter 5848-052 Fleeing at the wrong time for the wrong reasons.

News Letter 5848-053 Do we go by Ripe Barley of by the Equinox?

News Letter 5848-054 What is the Importance of the wave sheaf offering?

News Letter 5848-055 Thinking about His Mercy as we Deleaven our Homes

News Letter 5848-056 Barley has Been Found making the next New Moon the New Year!

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