Here are the teachings that we have been able to record for you. Some need to be edited and we will work on that in time. We hope to have DVD’s of the edited copies ready later. But for now here is the current teachings. They already need to be updated with more information.

Video 1 - Foundations 1 of 4:

Video 2 - Foundations 2 of 4:

Video 3 - Foundations 3 of 4:

Video 4 - Foundations 4 of 4:

Video 5 - Prophesies of Abraham 1 of 3:

Video 6 - Prophesies of Abraham 2 of 3:

Video 7 - Prophesies of Abraham 3 of 3:

Video 8 - POA Laws of Niddah Series: 1 of 4:

Video 9 - POA Laws of Niddah Series: 2 of 4:

Video 10 - POA Laws of Niddah Series: 3 of 4:

Video 11 - POA Laws of Niddah Series: 4 of 4:

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