News Letter 5847-001 9616 Happy New Year 2011- 5847 year after the Creation of Adam

News Letter 5847-002 9606 The Ten Horns and Our Two Israel Tours this year

News Letter 5847-003 9768 Foot Washing and the Order of the events of Passover

News Letter 5847 004 9783 Should we Kill a lamb for Passover? Absolutely not. Learn why not.

News Letter 5847-005 9776 The Wave Offering

News letter 5847-006 9775 7th Day of Unleavened Bread

News Letter 5847-007 9767 But you did not turn back to Me,” declares יהוה.

News Letter 5847-008 9768It is time for Yehovah to Act & Naboth’s Blasphemy Then and Now

News Letter 5847-009 9766 Living waters and Quenching the Spirit

News Letter 5847-010 9785 If you Owe the Bank Whos In Trouble? It Depends

News Letter 5847-011 9799 Proving the Sabbatical years of 162-161BC Another Test Commandment

News Letter 5847-012 9803If you no longer have to keep the law then why are you keeping Pentecost?

News Letter 5847-013 9940Pentecost, The giving of the Law and of Spirit, both of them Mean the same thing

News Letter 5847-014 9846 The 4th Commandment is Testing You. Are you Passing or Failing? Are you Sure?

News Letter 5847 015 9858 Enter by the Door of the Shepherd & The Coins of the Geulah Years

News Letter 5847-016 9862 The 70 Shebuah and Correcting Misleading Teachings

News Letter 5847-017 9893 The Shepherds Over Israel & Where Martha, Mary and Lazarus went

News Letter 5847-018 9909The House of Shammai and the House of Hillel

News Letter 5847-019 9931And this shall be the sign for you; blessed are you if you do them

News Letter 5847-020 9968Judah has made Ephraim more righteous by all her abominations. Follow Judah’s way if you dare!!!!

News Letter 5847-021 10006 Waters turn to Blood In Texas & Double Dip Recession or Depression & Yehovah says Do not Pray for them!

News Letter 5847-022 Did Yehshua replace the law with Grace?

News Letter 5847-023 10,146 You cannot keep Torah-Another Christian Lie! & The secrets of The Dome of the Rock and Golgotha

News Letter 5847-024 10243 Who has the right to Baptise new believers??

News Letter 5847-025 10372 Are you Marked and Sealed by Yehovah? How you keep the Sabbath or not shows you the answer

News Letter 5847-026 10506Libya, Egypt, 9/11 and White Genocide South Africa-All explained in the Sabbatical cycles

News Letter 5847-027 10570 What do The Ten Days of Awe mean? T’Shuva, Repentance and Isaiah 66

News Letter 5847-028 10601The Day of Atonement & The End of the Great Tribulation According to the Sabbatical Cycles

News Letter 5847-029 10613 New Moon of the Seventh Month 2011

News Letter 5847-030 10640 The Marriage Week And Sukkot according to the Sabbatical Cycles

News Letter 5847-031 10650 The Eighth Day & Nobel Prize & Leprousy

News Letter 5847-032 10840 Do Not Add Too Torah, & Do Not Do as the Heathen Do

News Letter 5847-033 11000 The Foolish Virgins, are you one of them?

News Letter 5847-034 11200 Examples of Wise Virgins Speaking out

News Letter 5847-035 10859 The Book of Acts…..The Rest of the Story

News Letter 5847-036 A Love Letter to Lyla

News Letter 5847-037 10859 Speaking Things Hard to Understand, Which the Unlearned and Unstable twist to their Own Destruction

News Letter 5847-038 10854 Being Sealed by Yehovah and The Coming of the Enlightened One Nimrod

News Letter 5847-039 10842 Hochen a Hanukah Hair Ball

News Letter 5847-040 10842 The Euro Debt Bomb is leading to War

News Letter 5847-041 10903 A love of all things Jewish

News Letter 5847-042 10917 Simon Bar-Kokhba The Messiah or “Ben-Kusiba The False Messiah

News Letter 5847-043 10900 The False teaching of Daniels Seventy Weeks by Rabbi Jose and other Christian Teachers

News letter 5847-044 10872 You never know you’ve been asleep till you wake up. & Daniel 9:25-27

News Letter 5847-045 10850 IT IS WRITTEN in the Ketuba

News Letter 5847-046 10816 Love Letters from Israel

News Letter 5847-047 Are you a motzi sheim ra, Speading Lashon Ha-ra

News Letter 5847-048 The Curses of the Exodus took place in the First Sabbatical cycle in 1386 BC

News Letter 5847-049 It is the Ripe Barley and New Cresent Sighted Moon that determines the New Year and nothing else.

News Letter 5847-050 Moses 120 Years and Deleavening our Homes and our minds.

News Letter 5847-051 Deleavening your home and marriage and Soul which can die if you do not

News Letter 5847-052 Yehshua’s 3 Prayers, Death & Captivity And When a loved one dies then what

News Letter 5847-053 Agenda 21; The Covenant confirmed with many for 1 Shabua Dan 9:27

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