News Letter 5846-001 6879 Happy New Year 2010

News Letter 5846-002 6848 Nefertiti and the Red Sea Crossing & Our First Triennial Torah Reading

Newss Letter 5846-003 6818 Be Brave & A Land of Milk and Honey

News Letter 5846-004 6787 Passover 2010 Being Meeked The Seprent of the Garden of Eden

News Letter 5846-005 6787 You Are Blaspheming the Name of Yahovah by not going Home!!! IT IS TIME TO GO.

News Letter 5846-06 6719 Moses Right Hand and How Noah Knew of The Flood

News Letter 5846-007 6750 Financial Appeal

News Letter 5846-008 6710 A False Teaching Abounds in Messianic Circles

News Letter 5846-009 6690 Do You Have The Fear of Yahovah?

News Letter 5846-010 6746 Dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark- King David’s Empire-What is Sin?

News Letter 5846-011 6725 Europe’s Economic Rescue and Gulf Oil as Blood

News Letter 5846-012 6698 Pentecost and World Financial Struggles are leading to War

News Letter 5846-013 6843 Terah, Abram & Haran

News Letter 5846-014 6873 The Edomites begin to Unite and the World Financial picture continues to crumble

News Letter 5846-015 6863 Esau & Ishmael in Prophecy And Why Your Prayer may be an Abomination to Yahovah

News Letter 5846-016 6913 False teachings exposed and To tithe or not to tithe.

News Letter 5846-017 6887 The Rapture and Left Behind Lie Unvieled

News Letter 5846-018 6813 Healing in the Name of Satan

News Letter 5846-019 6881 Hospitality and Shibboleth And Simon Magus

News Letter 5846-020 6846 New Moon 5th Month 5846 AC

News Letter 5846-021 6810 Gossip and Sex are Like Leaven and A wolf licking a bloodied Knife

News Letter 5846-022 6780 9th of Av 2010

News Letter 5846-023 6751 All the Kings Horses And All the Kings Men could not Stop Hyperinflation from coming again

News Letter 5846-024 6671 Last Week’s News Letter Confimred by Hard Facts-Hyperinflation Cannot be Avoided Beyond 2014

News Letter 5846-025 6648 The Quest for Qabalah, a Trip to the Dark Side and Witchcraft

News Letter 5846-026 6629 New Moon 6th Month 5846 AC 2010 CE

News Letter 5846-027 6570 Queen Jezebel and the Quest for Qabalah & Repentance and Making a Vow

News Letter 5846-028 6534 Yom Teruah; Also the Growing Food Shortage

News Letter 5846-029 6487 The Ten Days of Awe & Praying for Justice

News Letter 5846-030 6465 Atonement, Sharia Law in Prophecy, and Yahovah’s Law

News Letter 5846-032 6449 May Your Name be Written in the Book of Life & The Pill

News Letter 5846-033 6449 Yom Teruah 2010

News Letter 5846-034 6374 Shabbat Shuva & The Pill in Noah’s Day

News Letter 5846-035 6365Memories of Sukkot 2010 and Following the Oral Law

News Letter 5846-036 6391 Muslim Brotherhood ‘declares war’ on U.S.

News Letter 5846-037 6372 The Unholy Mixing of Seed

News Letter 5846-038 6357Thou Shalt Grow a Beard! Really? & Judah the Lawgiver?

News Letter 5846-039 6341 Tonsuring or Shaving the Head and the Kipa

News Letter 5846-040 6578 Which Torah Did Moses Teach, Oral or Written, and Golgatha

News Letter 5846-041 6730 Chanukah Is Mithraism and Why You Need to be Re-baptised

News Letter 5846-042 6698 Our Father’s Name Yahovah and The Sepulchre of David

News Letter 5846-043 6706 Abortion and The Worship of Molech-One and the Same

News Letter 5846-044 6718 10th New Moon Sighted December 2010

News Letter 5846-045 6687 O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum du bist ein edler Zweig!

News Letter 5846-046 6690The 12 Tribes of Israel Farm Project

News Letter 5846-47 6658 Why The Farm-Because of Prophecy. Yehshua kept The Sabbath when?

News Letter 5846-48 6645Saturnalia, New Year, Becoming as a Child, City of Refuge

News Letter 5846-049 6625 The Law of Niddah Part 1 & Under the Shadow of YHWH’s Wings: The Tallit


News Letter 5846-051 9205Where is the famine that was to come in 2010?

News Letter 5846-052 9155 The Prophecy of Niddah

News Letter 5846-053 9155 Food Crisis 2011

.News Letter 5846-054 9577 Many shall stumble, and they shall deliver up one another, and shall hate one another

News Letter 5846-055 9198 The Egyptian Crisis and where it is found in Prophecy-The 3rd Sabbatical cycle

News Letter 5846-056 9192Germany and Israel are now Allies

News Letter 5846-057 9310 When is the First Month and when does it start? Germany Watching It’s Southern Sea

News Letter 5846-058 9356 If You Love Me Keep the Commandments.

News Letter 5846-059 9416 THE ELECT; WHO ARE THEY? ARE YOU ONE OF THEM? How do you Know?

News Letter 5846-061 9427 The Farm in Israel Project

News Letter 5846-062 9446 Yehovah Laughs at Your Calamity and Mocks You When your Terror Comes

News Letter 5846-063 9488 Iran Checks the USA and is about to declare checkmate And there is nothing the USA can do

News Letter 5846-064 9464Jerusalem, Jerusalem How I Would have gathered you under my wings

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