Essential Oils Introduction by Holger Grimme Host: Joseph Dumond
Lesson 5: How to Apply Essential Oils

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:6

ATTENTION: Our sister from Sri Lanka has no way to receive oils. She tried
many ways, yet all seem barred. Please let Joseph know if you or some of
your friends is planning to make a trip to Sri Lanka and would be willing to
carry a few vials to bring to her. Thank you.

From around 400 plants from all parts of the earth essential oils are being extracted
in our days. Most of the oils will be extracted from the plants by WD (water
distillation), some by CO2 extraction and also by cold pressing, which applies to
citrus fruits only.

About 70 oils are used in aroma therapy. And there are a smaller number of
essential oils that are necessary for anointing of body and soul/spirit. As we
have found out earlier, there are a number of oils mentioned in the bible. We
looked at the Holy Anointing Oil, with Myrrh and Frankincense and also hyssop,
are the oils with importance.

For anointing, there are a number of oils that are irreplaceable. Among them
are seven oils of spice plants: Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Marjoram, Peppermint,
Wintergreen, and Cypress. These oils have powerful properties that we will
discuss soon. They are used for massage that can also be seen as a form of
anointing. Let’s use this term for it: The Basic Anointing in aroma therapy.

There are other names for this technique, yet I would not like to use them, as
these words are inappropriate descriptions that do not glorify the creator of
these highly effective healing agents. Rather contrary, they seem to describe
for marketing reasons some form of voodoo that I cannot follow.

The Basic Anointing is a simple massage technique that can be applied by every
person on every suitable person; a husband to his wife, and vice versa. It is also
good for kids and friends, brothers and sisters in faith. Basic anointing is
applied to the feet and back of the recipient and the oils are applied in a certain
order. Everyone can easily learn to apply it properly. Before we come to the
technique, let’s have a look at the 7 oils applied.

The 7 Essential Oils for Basic Anointing

Oregano (Origanum compactum) is well known as a common spice in the
Mediterranean, namely the Israeli, Italian, Greek, Lebanese, and Spanish
cuisine. The plant belongs to the family of Lamiaceae or Labiatae (mint). It has
powerful properties: anti‐aging, strongly antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic,
antibacterial, and anti‐inflammatory and is an immune stimulant.

It is listed in Hildegard’s Medicine, the early German medicine records of the
Benedictine herbalist Hildegard von Bingen (1098‐1179). Its medical properties
were well known since. Today, Oregano are uses to cure arthritis and
rheumatism, tuberculosis, infections, digestive problems, and respiratory
diseases. 50 pounds of the fresh plant (leaves & blossoms) are required to
produce one pound of essential oil by means of steam distillation.

It should be carefully inhaled, as an irritation of the membranes of the nose
may be affected by its strong odor.

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is also a member of the Lamiaceae family of plants. It
was known to the Egyptians and is listed in the earliest medical record, the
Ebers Papyri from the 16th century BC. Also listed in Materia Medica (A.D. 78),
and in Hildegard von Bingen’s works. Thyme’s properties are anti‐aging,
strongly anti‐microbial, antiparasitic and antiviral.

Uses: Cardiovascular problems, Alzheimer disease, infectious diseases,
haepatitis. It also hase a strong smell that may irritate nasal membranes. 30‐35
pounds of the fresh plant (leaves) are required to produce one pound of
essential oil by means of steam distillation.

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is yet another member of the Lamiaceae family. Its
name means “king” in Greek and the spice and medical herb was known in
India, and the Mediterranean. Hildegard had it listed in her German herbal
records. Italian women used it to attract men.

Basil is antiviral, anti‐inflammatory, strongly antispasmodic, and relaxes the
muscles. It is used to treat lung and throat infections, migraines and insect
bites; also known to combat mental fatigue. 500‐800 pounds of the fresh plant
(leaves & blossoms) are required to produce one pound of essential oil by
means of steam distillation.

Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) is of the Cypress family and comes mainly
from France and Spain. It is steam distilled from the branches. 100 pounds of
plant material are required to win 1 pound of essential oil. It has a good
property to improve circulation, strengthens blood capillaries, is antispasmodic
and anti‐infetious. Has a good property to cure diabetes, cancer, and
circulatory problems. Its smell has a good grounding effect and helps to heal
emotional trauma.

Isaiah 44:14 ‐ He heweth him down cedars, and taketh the cypress and the
oak, which he strengtheneth for himself among the trees of the forest: he
planteth an ash, and the rain doth nourish it.

Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) Family: Ericaceae ‐ from 125 pounds of
dried leaves, 1 pound of essential oils can be won. It is anti‐rheumatic, arthritis,
antispasmodic, reduces blood pressure, anticoagulant, vasodilator, and
stimulates awareness on all sensory levels. Early American settlers gave it their
children in springtime to prevent tooth decay.

Wintergreen is NOT for epileptics. With intake of aspirin, the anticoagulant
properties can be enhanced. Caution!

Marjoram (Origanum majorana) ‐ Here we have another member of the
Lamiaceae family with valuable properties: the Romans called it the herb of
happiness. It is listed in De Materia Medica and Hildergard’s. A pound of oil
requires 100 kg of leafs. It lowers blood pressure, expectorant, promotes
intestinal peristalsis, antibacterial, antifungal, mucolytic, wound healing, M. has
a very strong property in emotional traumatic situations like sorrow, fear,
despair, suffering and is stabilizing to regain lost emotional balance. Caution:
Careful use when pregnant.

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) Family: Lamiaceae ‐ 50 pounds of dried leaves
produce one pound of essential oil. Very powerful to cure all respiratory
disease, running nose, rheum, tuberculosis, obesity, viral infections like herpes,
cold sores, fungal infections, headaches, nausea, skin conditions, varicose
veins, psoriasis, dermatitis, liver diseases, lumbago, back aches.

Here, a family meeting of 5 members of the lamiaceae with 2 friends of
ericaceae and cupressus takes place. When we look ath the medical properties
of these seven oils, there is a combined power of properties that will be able to
address a huge variety of possible symptoms. So we can well imagine how
these oils will be a potent cure for a wide range of diseases and aches when
applied to the human body. And that will in fact take place, as you will surely
experience, when you apply it the first time.

The first note as how to apply it ist this: Before starting the anointing, have the
receiving person measured. Why? Well, after an hour that this application
usually lasts, your client will be very surprises on top of the wonderful feeling
of “being like a new person”. He or she will have “grown” about an inch. I’m
not kidding, this really happens, give or take a bit. The oils will cause the disks
in the clients back to expand a bit, and that is a very relaxing fact, contributing
to well‐being. To measure a person, take a piece of scotch tape and stick a
piece of paper to the wall. Let your client stand against the wall on socks or
barefoot and mark the height of the person as exactly as possible before the
anointing and compare it afterwards.

What do you need? ‐ A massage table, 2 blankets, 3‐4 large towels, a water
basin, a small towel, hot water. Place one blanket onto the massage table, put
2 or 3 towels close to the massage table and fill the basin with warm water in
front of a chair to have the client wash his /her feet first. Then have her dry her
feet, pray together with your client for blessings on the anointing and the oils.
Have the 7 essential oils close to the massage table. Take off all your jewelry,
watch, rings, etc., and ask the client to do the same. The oils could cause the
metal or plastics to have some reaction.

Once you have measured the person, ask her to take undress, to have the legs
and the back free. You can leave the room and have the person do it by her and
they lay down on the massage table, covering her with the second blanket.
Make sure your client feels comfortable and always observe modesty. Cover
the client’s body with towels or the blanket (bed sheet), except the feet. Then
open the first oil, Oregano and begin to

Before you apply the oils, ask your client to wash his / her feet in basin with
warm water. Provide a comfortable chair, a towel and set the basin in front of
the person. Then add some 4‐6 drops of lemon essential oil into the water, that
is feeling „cool“ and will also provide its antiseptic, antitumorale properties
besides its relaxing effort and improvement of microcirculation. Be careful
when taking a bath with lemon oil – it will make you feel cold easily. Have the
person dry his/her feet and ask to lie down on the massage table.

Be sure to have your finger nails cut properly and have made good use of
your nail file. There should no scratching occur during your application.
Take off all jewelry, earrings, watches, etc. in order to avoid negative
chemical reactions with the oils. Ask your client / recipient to do the same.
If you have no massage table you can still apply oils, yet, sofas and beds are
much lower and if you want to risk getting back pain for bending down all the
time, go ahead. It is better to have a height adjustable massage table. They
start from around $200 or so.

Pray with the client and ask Elohim for healing of the recipient’s back and other
body parts. Always ask Abba for guiding you with His Ruach haKodesh.
Go to the wall with the client and measure the height, putting a mark on a
paper attached to the wall.

Let the person lay down comfortable on their back with the head resting in the
face cradle of the massage table. The recipient should lay as straight as possible
flat on the table with the arms alongside the body. Cover the body of the
recipient with a bed sheet or with large towels. Assure by asking a question
that the person feels well.

Use the hand you are used to write and work with to take the opened oregano
vial and pour 3‐4 drops in the palm of the other hand. Put the vial back on a
tray or table nearby where all the 7 oils are placed within reach. Now rubb the
oil between the palms of your hands, and start applying the oil evenly onto the
sole of the first foot and then onto the next. You take one hand to support the
foot under the heel of the foot and use the other to apply the oil on all the sole,
under the toes and between the toes.

Continue with the other foot and apply the oils evenly with one hand and
support the foot with your cupped other hand under the heel.
Don’t forget your client while working, keep eye contact and ask to insure he
feels well.

Remember always to cap the bottle after using the oil – to avoid evaporation
and unnecessary exposure to Oxygen to the oil. You can just loosely cap it, as
you will need the oil again, soon. Use always the original cap and don’t mix
them with other oils‘caps.

When you have applied the first oil, oregano, to both feet, continue to do the
same with the other six oils: 3‐4 drops each of Thyme, then Basil, Cypress,
Wintergreen, Marjoram, Peppermint.

The first part is done now.
Ask the recipient turn over on their stomach to expose their back. Do this
carefully to respect your client’s modesty. Cover the legs and feet with a towel,
ask the recipient to lay comfortable the face in the cradle of the table, and the
hands comfortably rested in front of the head.

The second part: application of the oils on the spine.
Begin with 4‐6 drops of oregano from the bottom (sacrum) to the top (atlas)
along the center of the spine. Immediately after applying the drops, brush the
recipient’s back with the backs of your fingertips with light 6‐inch brush‐like
strokes from sacrum (base of spine) upward to the atlas (hair line on back of
the neck). Repeat this twice.

Second: Do the same with thyme oil drop the drops along the spine upwards,
feather stroke the spine 3x.

Most people have no problem with receiving the oils on the back. Yet, if the oils
cause redness of the skin, ask there is a heat sensation. If so, apply sone drops
of olive oils onto the spot of skin irritation, gently rub them in and ask if it helps
to ease the burning. Always encourage the person to speak up when they feel
uncomfortable. Usually, this does not happen. Use less oil drops on people with
a sensitive skin.

Third: Easing muscles away from the spine
Using the pads of the fingertips of your hands to relay gently the muscles left
and right of the spine. When finishing on one side of the spine, continue on the
other side. Just touch and massage the muscles, not the spine itself. Repeat 2

Fourth: Apply cypress oil the same way as you have applied oregano and
thyme. Then 3 x feather‐up the spine with the same strokes shown at oregano

Fifth: Thumb roll up the spine massage
Place your thumbs one inch apart on the right and the left of the spine at the
srcotum (bottom) and roll them gently up and down on spot: left‐right‐leftright‐
left. Then go about 1 inch up the spine and repeat the rolling of your
thumbs. Continue all the way up to the atlas. Repeat the same another 2 times
from scrotum to atlas.

Sixth: Apply wintergreen along the spine (like the oils before with feather

Seventh: Finger straddle massage
Straddle the spine at sacrum with the index and the middle fingers of the nondominant
hand, put the pinky side of the dominant hand down just on the
middle joints of the two straddling finger.

Apply little pressure (downward) with the straddling fingers and pull them up
slowly from scrotum to atlas. At the same time, „saw“with the other hand by
moving it back and forth with moderate pressure onto the straddling fingers.
Go up this way to atlas (hairline). Repeat twice from scrotum.
Eighth: Apply marjoram to center of spine, use feathering
Ninth: Apply peppermint to center of spine, use feathering
Tenth: Massage entire back with olive oil. Use one of the preceding methods or
your imagination. – If you touch hardened spots, apply some extra drops of
essential oil there and moderately massage the oil into the spot. Always check
how the recipient feels. Talk now and then.

Eleventh: Apply a moist warm towel to back
This step will cause in depth warmth to the back. Place a folded large dry towel
on the back of the recipient, covering the whole back and sides. Have a second
large towel ready available. Take a third towel and soak into hot water, wring
and fold the hot moist towel, place it centered along the spine region of the
recipient over the dry folded towel. Be careful and assure the client’s well
feeling. I fit is too hot, wait a bit, i fit hurts the recipient, take towels away and
put some additional olive oil onto the whole back. Then place the dry folded
towel back in place, lay the warm moist folded towel on top of it along the
spine. Put the third dry towel over it and gently and firmly press with your
hands the towel from the neck down to the scrotum using both palms of your
hands. Repeat from atlas down to scrotum twice.

Final Step: Cover the recipient over the towels with a blanket (bed sheet) and
let the person laid conveniently, face in face cradle, rest for 15 mins. Tell the
recipient that you will leave the room for 15 mins and let client rest for that

After 15 mind come back in and let the client get up – pay attention to
modesty. Let recipient put on clothes and socks, but no shoes yet.
When dressed, the person should step to the wall with the measuring sign.
Make another parallel mark at the sheet – there will be a difference in height
as the back has relaxed and the person will be about an inch taller. Take the
sheet off the wall and hand to recipient.

This is the basic protocol. It has cured many people and is the basic form of this
treatment. You may want to add variations and extras – with some experience
and guidance you may find “your way”, as there is no strict way how to do it.
Just pray and let you be inspired. I wish you will enjoy this and have others
enjoy this great treat with the properties of 7 essential oils united.

Always ask your client how it felt and if there are some changes. Then give
praise and thanks to the creator of the oils in the name of Yeshua.

THAT WAS A BASIC MASSAGE DESCRIPTION . The necessary oils can be obtained
from our website at
This page will also be posted on
and we plan to add pictures, yet that may take about 2 weeks – we have no
time now.
Shalom, Holger

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