News Letter 5845-001 7454 Shanah Tovah! 5845 Years After Creation, The Sabbatical Year, The Year of Release

News Letter 5845-002 7373 Witnesses Have Come Forward

News Letter 5845-003 7368 Counting the 30 Days of Ezekiel and the 30 Days of Noah

News Letter 5845-004 7341Exodus, The Death of YAhshua, The Beast is Rising, Exposing a False Teaching

News Letter 5845-005 7323 The seventh Year Tithe, The Forgiveness of Debts, The Reading of the Law

News Letter 5845-006 7337 Drought & Food Prices, You are now a Terrorist, The Swine Flu Outbreak and the Prophecies of Abraham-Famine

News Letter 5845-007 7331Second Month of the Sabbatical Year 5845

News Letter 5845-008 7298 Swine Flu and Abraham’s Prophecy- Judgment

News Letter 5845-009 7148 Prophecy of Abraham-War and the Birth of Ishmael

News Letter 5845-010 6980 Prophecy of Abraham The Invasion of Judah

News Letter 5845-010 6997 How Many of the Messianic Brethren are about to be Deceived

News Letter 5845-013 6932 When Abraham Flees Haran

News Letter 5845-014 6925 Bozrah-The Sheep Folds of Yahshua

News Letter 5845-015 6865 The Prophecy of Issachar and the Stars and the Secret Place Acubene

News Letter 5845-016 6781 More on the Return of Ephraim

News Letter 5845-017 6746 New Moon Report Fourth Month 5845

News Letter 5845-018 6696 700 Scriptures of Yahweh’s Promises for You In The Land

News Letter 5845-019 6645 9th of Av Fast and the Infiltrating of Egypt And Paul and Colossians 2:16

News Letter 5845-020 6614 H1N1, California I.O.U.’s, and Law and Grace

News Letter 5845-021 6591 The War: Grace vs. Law And ‘Between the Troubles’

News Letter 5845-022 6581 New Moon Sighted, Solar Eclipse “Between the Troubles”, Law and Grace - Galatians explained

News Letter 5845-023 6569 9th of Av Fast and Abraham Lincolns Fast, Grace And Law From Romans

News Letter 5845-024 6555 Pneumonic Plague the Most Deadliest And the Healing Oils of the Bible

News Letter5845-025 6559 Avi ben Mordechai on Law and Grace, Essential Oils, Cannibalism

News Letter 5845-026 6570 Repent of What? I am saved by Grace, why should I repent?

News Letter 5845-027 6741 Heaven or Hell Which one are you going to? Are You Sure?

News Letter 5845-028 6741 1st Day of Sixth Month
and 40 Days of Repentance

News Letter 5845-029 6741 The 40 Days of Repentance and Demonic attacks at this time.

News Letter 5845-030 6704 Reading of Torah and Forgiveness of Debts at Shmettah and How Yahshua’s Birth almost Caused a Major War

News Letter 5845-031 6760 The Messiah’s Name is Written in the Tanach many times

News Letter 5845-032 6707 Essential Oils #5 and Economic News

News Letter 5845-033 6698 King David A Man After the Heart of Yahweh, Knew who Yahshua is

News Letter 5845-034 6704 Circumcision and Redemption-Atonement and Passover

News Letter 5845-035 6666 The New Moon of the Seventh Month Has been Sighted Blow the Shofar

News Letter 5845-036 6601 Shabbat Shuva 2009 & Churches of God Admit to Sighted Moon

News Letter 5845-037 6599 Is The Day of Atonement A Fast Day? Most assuredly Yes it is!

News Letter 5845-038 6595 The Doctrine of Balaam The Day of Atonement

News Letter 5845-039 6613 Eighth New Moon 5845

News Letter 5845-040 6746 The Feast in Jerusalem 2009-Simply Awesome

News Letter 5845-041 6705 Halloween One of the Eight Pagan Sabbaths & Part of Sun God Worship

News Letter 5845-042 6689 The Blessings and Curses

News Letter 5845-043 6694 The Prodigal Son

News Letter 5845-044 6804 The 390 Year Prophecy of Ezekiel and The 2520 Year Prophecy of Daniel join up in 2010

News Letter 5845-045 6907 The Authority and Power Of His Name

News Letter 5845-046 6936 The Assyrian invasion and deportation of the Ten Tribes

News Letter 5845-047 6900 The Decline and Fall of Assyria and How Did the Israelites Became Known as Celts and Saxons?

News Letter 5845-048-7070 The Truth That Channukah Hides, The Location of the Temple, The Sabbatical Years, The Identity of 300 Spartans

News Letter 5845-049 7077 The Cycles of Pestilence come Repeatedly at the same time throughout history

News Letter 5845-050 7045 The Approaching Food Crisis and Putting On Righteousness

News Letter 5845-051 7040 When is the New Year and Our Awesome Scottish Heritage

News Letter 5845-052 7040 Ulsters Red Hand & Wake Up America

News Letter 5845-053 7009 Where is that King of Judah today That Yahweh Promised would aways be there?

News Letter 5845-054 6980 Haiti’s EarthQuake, Holland, Spanish, Belgium, Scandinavia, Sweden & Norwegian Ancestry and some of India , China and Afghanistan

News Letter 5845-055 6965 Israel You Are Not My People This is why We Fast and Pray

News Letter 5845-056 6942 Many Witnesses Prove The Cresecent Moon Is How You Start The Month

News Letter 5845-057 6919 The Prodigal Son & A Nuclear Iran in Prophecy

News Letter 5845-058 6919 The 12th New Moon and the Release of the Prophecies of Abraham

News Letter 5845-059 6929 The Hunters and The Fishers. The Hunters Cometh!

News Letter 5845-060 6912 Purim, US Finacial Debt Worsens, It is my Brother whom I am Seeking

News Letter 5845-061 6900 The Pride of Ephraim

News Letter 5845-062 6895 Hardening of your Heart & The Barly is Aviv 2010

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